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Glutathione is the most important antioxidant in cell and mitochondrial function, yet most people have never heard of it!

Every cell in your body makes glutathione. Because the liver is involved in detoxification, liver cells make 7 times more glutathione than other cells. The higher the liver’s glutathione content, the more efficiently it can remove harmful chemicals.

Liposomal Glutathione is a dietary supplement that helps support and restore depleted glutathione levels in the body.

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Published in PLOS ONE

Investigating the causes for decreased levels of glutathione in individuals with type II diabetes. PMID: 25790445


Small fatty bubbles that are used in nutrient delivery. They are made from the same type of material as our cell membranes.

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Because glutathione plays an important role in the maintenance of cell function, low glutathione is associated with many diseases.

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There have been 9 published studies on liposomal glutathione documenting its efficacy, with more on the way.

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  • Question:

    Which two common chemicals can cause liver damage by depleting levels of glutathione?

  • Answer:

    Acetaminophen and Alcohol